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10 Best Things to Do in London

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So, London is the go-to destination for many holidaymakers. There are several reasons why you may want to visit London, and those include satisfying the craving to visit the best places in London.

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In this article, you’ll discover the 10 best things to do in London while you visit the places you want. Without further hesitation, let’s check out the best things to do in London.

1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park

You may want to have fun with your friends or family at a park in London, and Hyde Park is not only the most famous but one of the coolest parks in London.

When you visit London’s largest park, you’ll enjoy the historical significance, as people tell you about how the place has hosted a number of protests and demonstrations, including some demonstrations by the Suffragettes.

The park has a famous Speaker Corner that is still occupied by protests, debates, and performance artists on a weekly basis. Hyde Park is home to many memorial features, as well as two beautiful bodies of water, the Serpentine being the most famous.

Here you and your pals can go paddle-boating and have as much fun as possible.

2. Westminster


If you are interested in doing a small documentary in London, then Westminster is an excellent place to begin. This place is known to be London’s political hub and is also home to the famous Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

In case you don’t remember Big Ben, it is the name of the renowned bell housed in the iconic clock tower, and still continues to chimes every hour.


3. Camden


Enjoy alternative culture, see body modifications, and spend time with weird people in Camden. This place is a famous cultural neighborhood in the north of London.

Popular for its alternative culture, the people in this part of town are mainly punks, goths, rockabillies, and tourists like you who just want something fun to do. Camden has a lively body mod environment, and you will find many tattoo and piercing shops in this part of the City.

Camden Market is an eclectic and diverse one that features street food from international cuisines and offers lots of stalls selling unique artworks and trinkets that you can take home. Take the time to rummage through racks of vintage clothing, find a used novel to take on your journey, or visit one of the best vegan bakeries around.

When your shopping spree is done, take a stroll down to Camden Lock for relaxation by Regent’s Canal or get a group of friends to take a walk with you along the water to King’s Cross.

4. London Eye

A trip to London is not complete if you don’t pay a visit to the iconic London Eye. This Ferris was initially constructed in celebration of the millennium and is called the Eye as it offers gorgeous views across the big city.

At night, you can see the wheel lit up in popular seasonal colors and serves as the centerpiece of London’s yearly New Year’s fireworks display.

If you feel like sharing, you can freely share one of the pods with other visitors or just enjoy a private pod for you and that special someone.

5. Soho

Soho london

Soho is the place for all things sexy, and may just be a way to spice up your relationship. This place has long been famous as the center of London’s sex industry.


At present, the area is now the most celebrated nightlife spot in the city, although there are still a good number of sex shops dotted in thrilling angles, giving Soho a slightly risqué vibe. Soho is also considered the center of londons4 LGBTQ* community with lots of gay and lesbian bars that you can check out when the sun goes down.

In addition to clubs and bars, Soho has an impressive number of theaters, restaurants and jazz bars and restaurants to explore, making it a hotspot. The place has close proximity to Leicester Square, and that means it is also a fantastic place to go for a couple of drinks after seeing a play or stage show.

If you decide to visit Soho during the day, be assured that it loses none of its amazing charms. Here you will be able to find many small cages, music shops, and quaint bakeries.

6. Shoreditch


Shoreditch is a place you want to spend time, as it is one of the trendiest communities of London, especially since it recently underwent extensive regeneration.

Shoreditch is presently one of the hottest spots for those looking to enjoy the nightlife in the city of London, and it is also one of the coolest places to spend a few days.

If you are a foodie, you will love this place as it is Packed full of eateries and bars, it is the perfect place to spend a day and even an evening.

7. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is one of London’s biggest parks, covering a great distance of 790 acres. This park sits atop of one of London’s highest points, offering marvelous views of the city from the Parliament Hill.

The Heath has wooded areas, lush grassy fields, and a good number of large ponds. This community is the best place to experience the beauty of nature in London with lots of wildlife around and exotic small woods where you can get lost.


There are some swimming lidos for people who are feeling brave enough to do some outdoor swim in the unusual British weather.

8. BFI


The BFI (an acronym for British Film Institute) is a place you must see if you’re a film lover. The BFI is located on the famous Southbank and is the right spot to relax after taking a long stroll along the waterfront.

At the BFI, you’ll enjoy the films shown every day, as they range from mainstream blockbusters to cult classics, and sometimes a one-off screening of great indie hits.

9. Thames Cruise

Thames Cruise

The Thames is arguably the lifeblood of the city of London, as it has brought industries to the town for hundreds of years. It is the longest river in England, leading all the way to the North Sea at its extreme.

This place has been the base for settlements ever since prehistoric times, and was of strategic importance to the English and Roman Kings, even during World War 1 and World War 2.

10. Baker Street

Baker Street

Baker street is one of London’s cultural staples, best known as the street where Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes resided.

So, if what you love is food, nature, body modification, music, culture, or even movies, these top 10 things to do in London should suffice.


We hope that you found this article helpful. Kindly share your thoughts with us below.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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