10 Best Countries to Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Students often get confused when it comes to study abroad. Picking a best country to study abroad is not as easy as it seems.

There are many factors that one needs to keep in mind before getting admission abroad. Your best choice depends on the type of program you want to study, your financial circumstances, GPA and career goals.

However; we have tried to compile a list of top ten countries to study abroad. Choose the one that best suit your needs.

10. France

Studying in France is an amazing idea as it has a collection of awesome universities and colleges. France is also rich in culture and famous for it. So many students every year travel to this city to broaden their horizons and get a degree.

Low tuition fees make this country a great place to stay and study. Universities like École Normale Supérieure, École Polytechnique and (UPMC) are in the list of highest ranking universities in the world thus accepting highest GPAs.

Working and studying in France is not a problem if you are EU national, as you won’t require visas to apply. However, students from outside Switzerland or EU will need a visa company to support their visas and passports.

Cost of living is not much as compared to other Western countries and education is affordable too.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland provides so many scholarship programs for International students by government and universities both. With four native languages it becomes easy to choose to study the language you want to get admission in Switzerland.

However, some business schools offer courses in English. The MBA programs offered in Switzerland are excellent and world-class. It’s suggested if you want to study business.

8. Norway

Norway is ranked first in 2010 by United Nations in the list of best places to live. There are enormous programs in English to choose from. Many universities in Norway are world-class and provide quality education. Accommodation is also easy to get.


The cost of living is comparatively high but you get discount on everything, which makes things easier.

7. Singapore

Singapore nation is recognized as a “Global Schoolhouse” due to their admiration and dedication towards education. The country sets high standards of learning and teaching in Asia and known to be the best country for International students in Asia and worldwide.

For Asian students, Singapore is a good place to settle and study. Search Google for the complete scholarship programs that are offered by Singapore universities and you’ll be amazed to see the results.

6. Italy

Italy has some of the oldest universities and institutes in the world. It is good for people who want to study arts; fashion, entertainment or architect as the places and buildings creates an inspiring environment for students. However, you’ll have to learn Italy to study there.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand is beautiful and a safe place to study. The high quality programs and cost effective way of living makes it one of the best places to live and study.

There are all types of courses available in universities. Campuses are international and you can find students from all over the world there. If you cannot speak any other language than English then it’s a place for you.

Universities also allow students to work while studying in this country. People are also warm and welcoming and you won’t feel away from home if you’re in New Zealand.

4. Canada

Cost of living is reasonable in Canada and unemployment ratio is least, these two factors play a major role to make this country a good one to study and live.

Post graduation studies ask for fees but they are comparatively lower than UK and USA and the scholarship programs are available as well. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and McGill University has some of the best study programs to offer.

3. USA

USA has more than 4,000 higher educational colleges, universities and schools to choose from and you can find every course here.


The variety and diversity the country offers in programs, universities and places is matchless. Universities in the USA are committed to provide excellence and quality. Academic flexibility is also a plus point.

Although it gets a bit expensive but if you don’t want to comprise quality over quantity, then it’s a place you should choose.

2. Australia

Australia is the most popular destination for studying as it contains a strong reputation for higher education. However, it’s not as affordable as Germany and relatively expensive.

Sydney and Melbourne have some of the best universities in the world and considered as the best student cities.

1. Germany

Germany is one of the most popular studying destinations in the world because of the quality of education and studying programs the universities propose. 11 universities are ranked among the best 200 universities in the world by a British magazine.

There are numerous international students studying in Germany. Undergrad programs are usually free of cost and quality of education is not compromised which makes this country the perfect one to study.

Another good thing about studying in Germany is that so many Masters Courses are being offered and taught in English and you don’t have to learn the local languages to get admission.

Munich and Berlin are the most affordable cities to live and study as a student there.

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