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10+ Amazing Uses for Baby Powder

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Many of us use baby powder to keep our skin smooth and fresh. If this is all you use it for, you’re really underestimating its power.

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Try some of these uses around the house to help you conquer those chores you must get done and you will see how versatile baby powder is.

Remember, don’t use baby powder on your babies, the American Academy of Pediatrics state that it is harmful if your baby inhales it.

1. Sticky Playing Cards

Do those playing cards of yours stick every time you get out the deck to play a hand of Euchre or game of War with the kids? Take your sticky cards and place them in a secure paper bag (no holes).

Add a couple of tablespoons of baby powder and shake the bag until you think all the cards have had a chance to be covered with baby powder. Wipe each card with toweling or a towel and they are no longer sticky.

2. Ant Repellant

Do you get those pest ants in your kitchen in the spring and summer?  Do you wonder where they come from and more importantly how to keep them out of your kitchen?

Take your baby powder and place it around the perimeter of the kitchen. The ants won’t cross the ant line because they hate the smell of it.

3. Greasy Hair

Are you one of those unlucky people who gets greasy hair no matter how much you wash it? You wash it in the morning before you go to work and by the time you are ready to go out on your date it is all greasy again.

Put some baby powder on your hands and apply it to your scalp.  It will act like a dry shampoo and will tease out the oil in your hair.


4. Knotted Necklaces

For all you mothers and daughters out there who are getting ready to go out and you find the necklace you plan on wearing is in knots, try this. Pour some baby powder over the knot to loosen it up.

Once you get it loose in one place, put a straight pin in it and work the rest loose. Whatever you don’t pull at it; that won’t only tighten the knot.

5. Stinky Feet

Put some powder in the bottom of your shoes to help absorb the sweat and odor. No need to wear socks if you don’t want to because the powder will keep your feet dry.

6. Musty Furniture

If you have antique furniture, it’s great to sprinkle a little powder under the drawer liners to keep the musty smell that it might contain. I also place some in my undergarment drawer to make them smell great.

7. Sticky Summer Night

It is over 90 degrees and you don’t have an air conditioner, or perhaps yours is not working. The last thing you want to do is get into those hot sticky sheets and start perspiring.

Place some powder between your two sheets and slide into bed. The powder will absorb your sweat and thus keeps things cool.

8. Oily Stains

Did you spill salad dressing on that lovely new dress you wore out last time? No need to stress. Dab any oil-based stain with baby powder to absorb the grease before laundering like usual.

9. Dish Glove Friction

If you use rubber gloves when you wash you dishes, when you are done, sprinkle baby powder in them. This will keep them fresh while they dry and they will also be easier to put on the next time.

10. Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Pour baby powder onto your wooden floor and sweep it into the cracks to quiet creaking floorboards. Wipe away the excess, and enjoy the sounds of silence.

11. Sandy Feet

If you are headed to the beach, pack a baby size bottle of baby powder. When you are done at the beach rub the powder on your feet and the sand will come right off.

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